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How to fix “Acer Touchpad not Working Windows 10”?

Have you recently formatted or reinstalled the Windows 10 OS on your Acer laptop? And suddenly you have noticed that touchpad has also stopped working? Then don’t think too much about that as it’s not a new issue. This problem caused in the configuration of your Acer laptop’s BIOS and there can be other reasons that may be caused Acer touchpad not working issue and you can simply fix each reason in a very simple manner if you have a proper piece of knowledge. 

Step by step procedure to fix Acer Chromebook touchpad not working Windows 10:


Do you know how to fix touchpad not working problem on multiple Acer laptops including the Chromebook? If no, then you can fix Acer Chromebook touchpad not working problem very easily with these below steps:

Solution 1# Try to reboot your Acer laptop in a hard way. For this, press and hold the power button until all the lights goes off. Now check and see whether the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 2# You can also try to press Esc key for several of times and hopefully it will work just after hitting for the 6 to 8 times.

Solution 3# Take an old mouse and then plug it in into the USB port which is free and then play the cursor around the screen for a little time and then unplug it. Sometimes Acer laptop not working problem can be fixed by applying this task in a very simple manner. You can also use a new mouse to perform this task.

Solution 4# In case you are not logged in with your personal account, then you can create a new one or switch to the owner account. The need for this task because of sometimes touchpad function disable for all users including the owner account and then a new account can help to fix this problem.

By applying these above-given methods, Acer laptop touchpad not working Windows 10 issue can be fixed in a very simple and easy manner. In case you are still not able to fix this problem, then you can contact the technical support team of Acer and resolve this issue within a very short span of time.

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