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How to Contact AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Phone Number

Contact Desktop Gold Customer Service Phone Number

Technology is getting advanced with each passing day and many new features are now being introduced to make product and services better and convenient. AOL Desktop Gold is also one of those technologies which can offer you a better experience with many advanced features. With AOL desktop Gold, you can do the number of things from sending an email to browsing and searching the information. AOL desktop Gold is a new version of AOL desktop and includes many new features. So, download the new version now and enjoy the facilities of internet browsing and email services under a single platform.

 The advanced features of AOL Desktop Gold are easy to us, but there is always a possibility that you might face the technical issue while operating AOL Desktop Gold. in such conditions, you always require an AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service for the technical support. To get the technical support, call on the AOL desktop gold customer service phone number 1-888-572-7379.

Once you download AOL desktop Gold, you can enjoy many advanced and amazing features such as :

Automatic Updates

If require, then AOL Gold will automatically update the new version and replace the old one, without even bothering you. So, you do not need to get stressed out about updating your AOL.

Increased security

AOL Desktop Gold includes, two step verification process which will secure your account from getting compromised.

Easy to Use

All your toolbar icons, username and password, email and contacts will be transferred automatically to AOL desktop, if you have made any updates.

Enhanced encryption

All the personal details that you have stored in your AOL Desktop Gold will be available in an unreadable format to any individual that is trying to steal your information.

System Requirements for the AOL Desktop Gold

  • To download AOL Desktop Gold, you require Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ‘
  • Processor- 266 MHz processor or faster.
  • Screen resolution up to 1024 X 768 and even higher
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Hard Disk – free space upto 512 MB .
  • Internet connection.

Even the best technology can have issues, so does the AOL Desktop Gold. There are different technical issues that you can face while using or installing the AOL Desktop Gold.

You might complain about :

  • Mail is missing.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is very slow.
  • Facing the problems in the installation of AOL Desktop Gold.

If you are encountering these problems. You should always :

  • Check the configuration of your system that whether it supports the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold or not.
  • Restart your computer, if you have not restarted your computer recently.
  • Whether your system is secure from malicious attacks.
  • Whether your system is updated.
  • Your system has an activated internet connection.

These points can be very helpful to mitigate the issues. But, in case, if you still have the problem and not able to download your AOL Desktop Gold, then you can call for AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service and get the solution for the solution for your troubles. Our AOL Desktop Gold customer service number is – +1-888-572-7379.

Support Phone Number For AOL Desktop Gold

 AOL desktop Gold also includes the premium security features which can help you to secure your AOL account from unauthorized access and being hacked. Your AOL Desktop Gold will have automatic updates which will save the space and time by replacing the old version with a new one automatically. Installation process can be tricky, but in that case you need not to worry about anything as you can call on AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-888-572-7379 for customer support.

So, enjoy the amazing benefits and install AOL Desktop Gold now.

Issues which you might face are :

  • Error installing AOL Desktop Gold.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is not responding 
  • Not finding the AOL Gold icon.
  • AOL Gold Printing issues
  • AOL Desktop Gold not getting updated.

These issues can interrupt your entire process, so make sure that:

  • AOL Desktop Gold download is being done  from a trusted website.
  • Your system is error free and updated.
  • Your system is compatible and secure from malicious attacks.

In case if are not able to download AOL Desktop gold, then you can get AOL desktop Customer support . for this, you can call on the AOL Desktop Gold support phone number- +1-888-572-7379

How to Restore AOL Desktop gold Icon:

AOL Desktop gold is basically a latest version of AOL Gold that integrates a web browser, a media player and an (IM) application.

Whenever any user downloads and installs the AOL Desktop Gold software application than in the system to create a shortcut for that software application so that direct path can be made an icon will appear in the desktop.

But sometimes due to some technical error or human mistakes that icon would go missing from the desktop. So many users find it difficult to restore AOL Desktop Gold icon.

So here are some troubleshooting steps through which any user of AOL Desktop Gold can restore that icon.

  1. First fall go to the bottom of desktop and click on arrow sign
  2. The arrow sign will show hidden items and from one of those hidden item launch AOL Desktop
  3. Now after that click on right click of your mouse and select there create shortcut.
  4. When you select that create shortcut than an icon will appear on your desktop screen.

So these are the basic steps through which any user can restore his AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Further more information you can contact AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-572-7379.

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