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How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding? – Canon is a brand which is highly demanded in printers. It has a great recognition in the market. Using printers at home and office decreases our workload but sometimes they make our work suffer by showing errors. One of the major problems is not responding. Many canon printer users don’t know How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error?.

Printertechs is a well-known company that provides you with easy and simple steps to resolve all your problem regarding printers. Errors in the printer occur only when you don’t follow proper instructions and guidelines. Sometimes poor connection, overuse and improper maintenance and many more things could cause a lot of trouble in the printer. Cannon Printer Not Responding Error is usually faced by the persons who are printing from a wireless Lan network.

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Methods To Fix Canon Printer not Responding | How to Fix Canon Printer No Response Error?

Many canon printer users are facing this error. Their Cannon printer does not respond or shows a “printer not responding error” when they try to print something. This is very annoying and you can’t print any document with your Canon printer. But you don’t have to worry our company provides you with simple steps that will definitely help you out. There are the following methods listed below:

  1. Basic Troubleshooting
  2. Run the Printer Troubleshooter
  3. Restart the Printer Spooler Service
  4. Configure the Correct Printer Port
  5. Update the Printer Driver

Let’s discuss these methods in brief so that you can easily follow them and fix your error. You don’t have to apply all, just work on that method which will solve your printer problem.

Basic Troubleshooting Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error

Do some basic troubleshooting to check whether your canon printer is connected properly to the network connection or not. How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error is no longer an unanswered question.

If Your printer is connected via USB cable

  • Firstly check whether the cable is properly connected or not. If it is not connected accurately then reconnect the cable and make sure that the wire is properly fitted in the ports on both your printer and computer.
  • If before point doesn’t work for you then try to connect the cable to another USB port on your computer.
  • You also need to experiment with another cable and check if there is an issue with the cable you are using.

If Your Printer is Connected via Network Printer

  • Check your network devices like router and modem.
  • Check the network status of your printer and see that your printer is connected to the network properly.
  • If your printer is using a wired connection then replace or reconnect your network cable.

If Your Printer is Connected via Bluetooth 

  • Ensure that your printer is nearest to your computer.
  • Again re-pair your printer with a computer and see if this fix your error.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter to Fix Canon Printer not responding or working error

The windows have a built-in printer troubleshooter that can fix your error. This tool will help you out to fix the issue of the printer not responding:

  • Press the “window logo key” and type “troubleshoot”. Then select Troubleshoot or Troubleshooting.
  • In troubleshooter, click Printer and then “Run the troubleshooter” (using windows 10)
  •  Click “Use a Printer” (using windows 7)
  • Follow the following instructions to complete the troubleshooting. If this works for you then you don’t have to go on further methods.

Restart the Printer Spooler Service

The printer spooler service on your computer manages your communication between your printer and computer and print jobs. If this service is not working properly on the computer then your canon printer will stop responding. You have to reset this service in order to fix your printer issue.

  1. Press the “window logo key”  and R simultaneously on your keyboard to request the Run.
  2. In the Run type “service.msc” and press Enter.
  3. Click “Print Spooler and then click Restart.
  4. Check that your printer is printing the document.

Configure the Correct Printer Port to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error

If you are using the wrong port for your printer then it will stop responding. You should change the settings of your printer port:

  1. Press the “window logo key” and R simultaneously to invoke the Run.
  2. Type “Control” and hit the “Enter”.
  3. Go to “View By” and select Large icons.
  4. Click on “Devices and Printers”
  5. In the Printer section, right click on the printer properties.
  6. Click on Change Properties on the General tab
  7. Go to the port tab, then check that the port contains the name of your printer, the port has “USB” or “DOT4” in the description and has “WSB”, “Network” or IP in the description when you connect your printer with USB.
  8.  Hit Apply
  9. Go back to the “General tab”, then click on “Print Test Page” to check that you have chosen the right port.

Update Printer Driver

We recommend installing driver easy that will automatically update the right driver for your computer. steps to install:

  1. In program click the Scan Now.
  2. Click on Update button and driver easy will download the latest driver for you.

Why Canon Printer not Printing Properly

well, there are so many reasons, which may cause printer is not printing problem, usually people face such kind of problem with their device when their printer could not be identified by the devices.

Causes related to canon printer not printing

so we are going from basic troubleshooting steps to advance step to fix your canon printer. you can simply go ahead and follow the instructions to fix the issue.

  1. PowerCycle Your Device- this is the very common step, but it works lots of time.when your computer does not identify the printer. it will cause canon printer is not printing problem. so you should try to reboot your computer and printer once.after rebooting your computer and printer. you need to wait for 1 minute, and then try to print something from the printer.if you have setup your canon printer as a network printer, you should try to reboot your router as well.
  1. Connection Problem – Connection problem is the most common problem, which may cause not printing issue with your canon printer.so if you have setup your canon printer using the USB cable. please make sure you have connected your USB cable from printer properly.you may also disconnect the USB cable from your computer and wait for 1 minute and then plug it back in.
  1. Ink Cartridge Issue- when you are trying to print something from your printer but it is printing a blank page.this may because of ink cartridge issue or low ink issue. so you should try to replace the cartridge and plug the new ink cartridge again.once you will plug in the cartridge, you should try to print a document again and then let’s see. is it working or not?
  2. Paper Jam issue:If you are having a paper jam issue with your printer. in that case, you need to clean your printer properly. for paper jam issue we have written a new post, you may visit:
  3. Driver Issue : so many times, You may have canon printer won’t connect issue because of driver issue. if your driver is outdated or you have not installed the driver properly. this may cause, canon printer not printing issue. so you should try to update the canon printer driver properly.
  4. Reset Printer- after following all the above steps, if your canon printer is still not printing any document. in such a situation, you should reset the printer.
  5. Uninstall & Reinstall The printer- this is the last option for troubleshooting a printer, in the method you need to uninstall the existing printer driver from your computer.

once the printer driver will uninstall you need to reboot your computer, and then you need to setup your Canon printer again. you may download the printer driver from canon’s official website After performing all these steps, I hope your canon printer will start working perfectly fine. if you are having any other issue with your printer.

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