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How to connect iPad to HP Printer Wireless?


Being an iPhone user you can avail the multiple features including the wireless printing which is highly sufficient instead of a wired printing because you can simply print a document without any difficulty. If you have an HP printer and you want to print something from wireless HP printer via iPad, then first you would need to connect your iPad to the HP wireless printer. But before setting up the HP printer wireless settings on your iPad, make sure that you have proper knowledge of setting up process which is quite necessary.


Follow the steps to connect iPad to HP Wireless Printer:


  • First of all, make sure that your HP printer supports AirPrint which is mandatory to perform wireless printing features via iPad.
  • Now also ensure that you have set up HP printer on the wireless network which is important to perform wireless printing tasks.
  • Now connect your iPad to the same network as your HP printer connected.
  • After that, choose the app that you wish to print and then follow the below steps to print a document.


Steps to print with AirPrint:


  • Open the file of the document that you wish to print on your iPad.
  • Tap on share icon for that particular document or file.
  • Now tap on Print option and then you will be asked to choose a printer and then tap on Select Printer.
  • Choose your HP printer from the list of printers and then follow the on-screen instructions to print a document wirelessly.


By performing these above-stated steps, you can connect iPad to HP printer wireless in a very simple manner and print document or file easily. If you are still not able to connect your HP printer wireless via iPad, then contact the customer support team for instant assistance.


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