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Gmail Widget Not Working Learn How To Resolve Sync Errors On Google Android App

Gmail widgets can be really helpful in order to quickly scan any important document or to contact any person through speed-dial feature on Androids. It is a kind of tool that offers shortcuts to users for accessing various apps and operate them faster. However, due to some kind of technical error, many customers have reported that Gmail widget not working on their Android devices anymore. So, there can be useful apps that you have opened using widget before but, it has suddenly stopped responding. If this is the case, you can go through this article and get some useful information on Gmail widgets. Here, you will get to learn why this issue is occurring with Gmail on Android gadgets. Here we will also discuss a few troubleshooting tips to resolve this error and make your Gmail widgets to work again.

What do you Mean by Gmail Widget Not Working Problem on Your Android Device?

If you notice that Gmail widget not working any longer, it indicates there are some issues in your Android phones. Users may also receive an error statement saying ‘Unfortunately Google Search has stopped working’. According to some users, you may also see the message regarding ‘The request can’t be performed as there is no connectivity’. Due to this error, you may notice that whenever you try to search for anything on Google, it will not respond to it.

Sometimes, certain apps which you access through Gmail widget can get corrupted. So, when you try to open these applications, it can stop working and cause this error.

Many times, the Gmail widget can cause problems with the voice search command feature in Google.

If your Android device has somehow disabled the feature of Google Search app, widgets can stop to work as you try to access these applications.

In some cases, if your Gmail account can’t sync with other associated apps, it can also prevent widgets to work properly.

Make Gmail Widget on your Device to Work Again by the Following Methods:

Now that you are aware of the underlying causes due to which Gmail widget not working, it’s time to try some solutions. So, let’s take a look at some of the effective methods that can resolve the error and make your Gmail widget to function normally.

Solution 1: Reboot Android Device Having Gmail Widget Issue

Most of the issues on Android devices tend to resolve with a simple rebooting action. This is the reason why you should try this method whenever you notice that Gmail widget not updating or stopped working. As your Android can accumulate a huge amount of cache and data packets in its storage, it can prevent the smooth running of certain apps. This includes temporary unavailability of Gmail widget and denying access to run a few Google apps.

In order to fix this Android error, tap on the left soft button present on your device and exit all the running apps. Now, press and hold the Power button and wait until your phone or device restarts.

Finally, launch the Google Search widget on your Android phone and check whether its working or still giving issues.

Solution 2: Check Whether Google App is Up-to-Date

As already discussed in the above section, Google apps can stop working if the Gmail widget not updating for some reason. Hence, one of the most convenient ways to make your apps work is by updating the applications.

So, first, open the Play Store icon on your Android device and check the status of updates for Google and associated apps. Use a stable internet connection and click the tab for ‘Update’ against each of the items under Google product.

Once your Android becomes ready with an updated version of the Google apps, try to launch the search widget. If you find any issues with Gmail widget or it’s still preventing you from running apps, try the remaining solutions.

Solution 3: Enable Google App Using Android Settings

On Android phone or any other device, you may observe that Gmail widget not working as the Google app is disabled somehow. Hence, to fix this problem, you need to go to the Home screen and tap on the icon for apps. Then, click on the symbol of ‘Settings’ and scroll through the list of items to find ‘Applications’.

Now, below the ‘Applications’ window, locate the icon of ‘Application Manager’ and click on it. Then, open the tab for ‘All’ and select the feature of ‘Google app’ from the list of applications.

As soon as you click on this Google app icon, you will observe three tabs to perform various functions. One of them is ‘Force Stop’, the second one is ‘Uninstall Updates’ and the third tab is exclusive for ‘Disable’ purpose. In case, you see that the feature of ‘Google app’ has been marked as ‘Disable’, you need to click on this button and make it enabled.

After enabling the Google app feature on your Android, try to find any application using the Google Search widget. If it fails to launch or run the searched item, apply the next method to fix Gmail widget issue.

Solution 4: Remove or Uninstall Google App Updates

You can remove a corrupted update for Google app or related product in order to resolve the error with the Gmail widget. Hence, follow the steps discussed in solution 3 and go to the next step to open the ‘Application Manager’ window. Thereafter, hit the ‘All’ tab and open the Google app feature on your Android.

Next, click on the second button which mentions ‘Uninstall Updates’ and waits for Android to remove the files. Now, check if the Google Search widget is working without any technical error. In case, the Gmail widget not working even after uninstalling the updates from Google app, you will have to clear the cache.

Solution 5: Clear Cache from your Google App

Follow the steps in solution 3 and 4 and open the tab of ‘All’ under the ‘Application Manager’ section on your Android. Then, locate the heading for ‘Cache’ and hit the ‘Clear Cache’ button in order to delete the Google app caches. This feature will remove all the problematic files present in the cache section. Also, this can prevent the Gmail widget. So, try to relaunch the applications or try to search for anything on the widget and see if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 6: Restart Google App on your Android

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above but, still Gmail widget not working, then try to restart the Google app. In order to apply this method, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on your Android phone and go to ‘Application’. Then, open the ‘Application Manager’ and hit the tab of ‘All’. After that, navigate through the list of applications and locate the option of Google app. So, you need to click on the tab for ‘Force Stop’ and it will immediately stop Google to run any application on your Android. Finally, you can reboot your device and see whether Google or Gmail widget is functioning normally.

What To Do When Gmail Widget Not Updating Anymore?

Apart from the above issues, users can find another annoying error in the form of Gmail widget not working on their Android device. So, if this is the case, you can try a few simple tips and make sure that Gmail or Google widget is receiving proper updates.

Let’s discuss these steps one-by-one.

First, you need to update your Gmail app by connecting your Android to a reliable wireless or wired connection. In order to fix issues with Google widget, it’s important to keep the app up-to-date.

Then, restart your Android phone and check the settings for Gmail on it. You need to be sure that the Gmail sync feature is turned on in order to make the widget working properly. So, if somehow the ‘Sync Gmail’ option is off on your device, click on it and turn it on.

Now, go to ‘Settings’, open ‘Apps & Notifications’ and click on ‘App Info’. Then, hit the tab of ‘Gmail’ and check the ‘Storage’ feature.

Thereafter, click on the ‘Clear Data’ button and press the ‘OK’ button. This will remove all the unnecessary files from your Gmail account and it may resolve the problem with Google widget.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the issues due to which Gmail widget not working on your Android device. In order to troubleshoot this Google app error, you can try the solutions discussed in this article. However, if the problem persists even after applying these fixes, you can consult a technician to fix Gmail widget issues.

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