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Get Instant Help & Technical Assistance For Gmail Account Recovery

Have you lost your Google account password? Get acquainted with our post and put your worries away! We have brought forward three effective ways which will help you to get the lost account back. Navigating https://g.co/recover is the key to recovering your lost Gmail account recovery phone number while getting the verification code on account recovery phone number could help you in retrieving your password without security question and without alternate email. Apart from these methods, we will be discussing the benefits of having a secondary email address. Here we start with the steps to reset Gmail password without phone number, which is based on providing the answers to the security questions. 

Gmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number

How to recover Gmail password without a recovery phone number? 

  • https //g.co/recover
  • Type this link in its browsing field of your preferred web browser
  • It will direct you to the official page of Google
  • This page will insist you to enter the email address needed to be recovered
  • Click on Next then
  • The https //g.co/recover for Help page will open
  • Here you will have to enter the last password if you have remembered it
  • Click on Try Another Way
  • It will bring a series of questions on your screen
  • Answer to these questions one by one
  • Try to give an approximate answer if the right one is not in your mind
  • You will get the access of your Gmail account if Google finds your answers correct

Gmail Password Recovery Without Security Question

How to recover Gmail password without security question? 

  • https://mail.google.com
  • Type this link in its browsing field of your preferred web browser
  • Google will automatically fill your email ID or phone number
  • Just enter it if Google doesn't fill it
  • Click Next and get the Forgot Password? on your screen
  • Enter the last password you can remember
  • No problem if you don’t remember any of the previously used passwords
  • Go to the below section of the password field
  • Find the Try another way to Sign In; click on it
  • Continue clicking on it until you get the phone verification option
  • Click on it to get a verification code on your recovery phone number
  • Now you will have to enter this code in the given box
  • You will see two blank boxes
  • Make a new password and enter it twice

Gmail Password Recovery Without Alternate Email

How to recover Gmail password without alternate email? 

You have learned how to reset Gmail password without security question. Now we would like to move to the account recovery without alternate email. An alternate email, considered as an active account recovery option, keeps your confidence level higher in challenging the hackers and experimenting with your Gmail account. It is perhaps the best way to keep the account security higher. If you have added a secondary email, it will keep informing you about the unauthentic log in attempts. However, you can recover the lost Gmail account recovery without having access to your alternate email. To recover Gmail password recovery without alternate email, you will have to get the one-time verification code on your account recovery phone number.


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