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Gmail Not Working Properly, how to fix it?

Gmail is the world’s best email services which are highly utilized by users across the globe. Gmail is accessible on multiple devices and can be accessed to send and receive emails in a very secure way. Users can also set up their Gmail account with other emails and devices. But every email service comes with lots of technical issues and Gmail can’t escape from them and users confront many problems when using their Gmail account.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working Issues?

Has your Gmail account stopped working and showing any unwanted error whenever you trying to using it? Then you have to resolve this problem as soon as possible to get back to your Gmail account. You can follow the below simple instructions to fix this issue:

Check the internet connection: Have you checked your internet connection which is important to access Gmail account? If no, then make sure that you have an active internet connection for that particular device on which you are using your Gmail account.

Clear the browser caches: Sometimes many unwanted cookies also cause the varied technical issues including the Gmail not working issue and you can simply clear the browser’s cache and cookies which is very easy and quick to do.

Update Gmail app: If you are using the Gmail app to access the mailing features, then update the app because an older version may cause this problem.

How to Fix Gmail IMAP Not Responding?

IMAP settings are used as the incoming mail server to receive the emails but sometimes many situations come when your Gmail IMAP settings don’t respond and you confront problems in receiving the emails. But you can fix Gmail IMAP not responding issue via below steps:

• First of all, check the internet connections and make sure that it should fast and properly established.

• Check the configuration settings because many times incorrect configuration details also lead this issue, so you can check the configuration settings.

• You can also check the configuration server and then correct them as per the proper settings that your device is compatible.

• Delete the IMAP settings on your device and then update them with the correct one that can also fix your issue very easily.

Gmail IMAP not Responding

These above-mentioned steps can simply fix Gmail IMAP not responding in a very simple manner. But if you are still getting the same issues when using a Gmail account, then contact the technical support team and get the perfect solutions.

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