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Google Chrome Extension Not Working, How to Fix it?

Extensions in Google Chrome provide a wide range of features that highly reliable for users in multiple ways. Extensions are the kinds of software programs customize the browsing features in multiple ways. Every user use lost of extensions according to their requirement and preferences. But sometimes many situations faced by the users when extensions stopped working on their Google Chrome and after getting this issue, they look for the reliable ways to fix the not working issues of extensions on Google Chrome.

Simple Steps to Resolve Extension Not Working on Google Chrome Issue:

Method 1# Update Chrome

Keep your Chrome browser up to date is one of the most relevant ways to get rid of several issues and you can update your Chrome via below steps:

• Open Google Chrome and then go to the menu available on the top-right corner side.

• Scroll down to Help section and then click on About Google Chrome.

• Now check if there is any latest version is available and then click on Update tab to update your Chrome.

Google Chrome Extensions Not Working

Method 2# Clear the caches and cookies

Sometimes unwanted cookies and caches also caused Google Chrome extensions not working issue and you can simply fix this problem just by clearing these caches and cookies through the below steps:

• Go to the menu on your Chrome browser and then click on More tools.

• Now click on Clear browsing data to open the next page.

• Now check every box such as history, caches and cookies and then click on Clear Browsing Data tab to delete it.

Method 3# Restart your Chrome

Closing and re-open your Google Chrome is another best way to resolve multiple issues and you can also fix extension not working issue on Google Chrome very easily just by closing and re-opening your browser.

These above-described steps can help to fix Google extensions not working issues very easily and if you are still not competent enough to resolve this issue after applying these steps, then contact the customer support team for a better assistance that can also fix multiple Google Chrome related issues.


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