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How to Remove Yahoo Mail Account from Outlook

A huge number of devoted Yahoo users remove their accounts immediately after the announcement of the largest data breach of history. According to the official announcement, 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised and the hackers release sensitive information like username, birth date, phone number, encrypted password and many other things. After the breach, many dishearten users close their Yahoo accounts. Some of them previously added the Yahoo account to third-party email clients like Outlook and now want to remove the account. If you are one of them who no longer wish to use Yahoo Mail and remove it from Outlook, here are the detailed process for that.

Remove Yahoo Mail Account from Outlook 2013 & 2016

  1. Open Outlook from your desktop and click File
  2. From File choose Account Settings and then Account Settings menu
  3. You can see all the associated email addresses in the window. Now click on the Yahoo email address.
  4. Now choose the Remove button.
  5. You need to confirm the step by clicking Yes button.
  6. Your Yahoo Mail Account will be removed from Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

Remove Yahoo Mail Account from Outlook 2007:

  1. Open Outlook 2007 in your computer
  2. Find the Tools menu in the top left panel bar of the homepage
  3. You will get the Account Setting menu option
  4. Select the Email tab from the options
  5. Now you have to select your Yahoo email count from the list of the associated email addresses with Outlook 2007.
  6. Tap Remove to delete the Yahoo email address
  7. Confirm the removal by selecting Yes.

Remove Yahoo Mail Account from Outlook 2003:

  1. Launch Outlook 2003 in your system.
  2. Go to the Tools menu located at the top left corner of the homepage
  3. You need to choose E-mail Accounts from the drop-down menu
  4. Select the option of View or change existing e-mail accounts.
  5. Now click Next to proceed further
  6. You need to choose the Yahoo email account from the list to delete it from the Outlook account.
  7. Now click Remove to complete the action.

Remove Yahoo Mail Account from Outlook Express:

  1. Open the Outlook Express and go to the Tools menu
  2. Now select the Accounts tab from the drop-down menu
  3. Now go to the Mail tab
  4. Select the Yahoo email id you want to delete.

Now select Remove to finally delete the Yahoo email account from Outlook.

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