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How to Reset Internet Explorer?

If you are experiencing the internet explorer problem in windows 10, you may try to repair or reset the program to fix the problem. This article is all about how to reset internet explorer. Internet Explorer reset ought to be considered for a few reasons. Because of the way that IE is as yet a well-known program, it is in the objective eye of the program thieves, adware, and other malware.

At the point when one of such parasites influences the internet browser, it looks to forestall the end for whatever length of time that conceivable. Browser helper objects and different additional items might be utilized to secure the gate crasher which is upsetting perusing meetings on IE.  

Resetting Internet Explorer to the default state leads to irreversible changes. Your landing page and web index will be changed to the first defaults, recently stuck tabs, expansions, and subjects will be debilitated, tweaked start-up tabs and New Tab page will be evacuated, your perusing history and treats will be cleaned, and so on.


How to reset internet explorer using cmd


There are many to reset the internet explorer but the easiest way to reset it with “inetcpl.cpl” command. So here is the step to how to reset internet explorer using cmd.


Follow the below steps to reset internet explorer-


  • The very first step, you have to do is to close the internet explorer.
  • Go to the start button and search Run on the search bar.
  • When in Run, type inetcpl.cpl and then click OK.
  • At the point when the Internet Properties window shows up, go to the Advanced Tab and select Reset.
  •  In the reset Internet Explorer settings dialogue box, check to delete personal settings and click reset.
  • Wait until Internet Explorer completes the task. Then, click close in the Reset Internet Explorer settings dialog box.


After you restart Internet Explorer, all the additional items and customization you finished are deleted. The landing page is additionally reset to whatever it was the point at which you initially set up your PC, (for example, to the producer's site or to whichever MSN or Windows Live site Microsoft is pushing). It is as though you started Internet Explorer for the first time.


Some important information you should keep while resetting-

  • Resetting Internet Explorer doesn't evacuate any of your bookmarks. In any case, if you included a custom toolbar or reset the landing page, you have to reconfigure those settings in the wake of resetting.
  • Running the System File Checker can also repair Internet Explorer.
  • Try not to fix or reset older software of Internet Explorer. Rather, upgrade.

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