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How to Reset Yahoo Mail Password

How to Reset Yahoo Mail Password

We are living in an internet enriched age. Most of us have to spend most of their time surfing through the internet. Whether it is communication or shopping, we commonly refer to the internet. Such a huge dependency on the internet has led us to get numerous accounts on various websites for different reasons. The huge numbers of accounts mean that we have to remember IDs and passwords of each one of the accounts otherwise we can get into a huge problem. We may have some important information locked up in the account but we are unable to gain access to the account just because we have forgotten the password.

Yahoo is a huge name when it comes to email services providers. It is a comprehensive web portal that is popular for its email services, web search engine, Yahoo answers, news, groups, weather, business, entertainment and much more. Because of the huge numbers of users, Yahoo has to ensure the security of its user accounts. That is why Yahoo has strict security policies. But at the same time it also understands the problems of its users with their passwords. So it does facilitate its users with their forgotten passwords. But for that, you must know the available options to reset the password.

How to Reset Yahoo Mail Password:

In order to reset the password of your yahoo account, you must have provided the followings to Yahoo and remember these accurately.

  • Alternate Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Secret Question
  • Date of Birth

Yahoo password recovery process involves one or more of the above mentioned information. If you are unaware of any of the required information or do not remember anymore, you will have to forget your account forever. Followings are the processes to recover or reset yahoo account password:

  • Get to yahoo sign-in page, enter your yahoo ID and hit "next" button
  • Below the sign in button, you will have "forgot password?" option that you need to click
  • At this page, you will be asked to provide your phone number or alternate email address that you have provided at the time of signup or updated later
  • After clicking the continue button, it will send you a link to reset your password either through email or on your cell phone
  • Open the link, enter your new password and save it.
  • You have just successfully reset your password

Another recovery method involves your date of birth and secret question.

  • You will have to go to Sign-in Helper page of Yahoo and provide your ID
  • Upon hitting next, it will ask you a CAPTCHA code
  • On the next page, select "use my secret question"
  • Enter your secret question and click "next" button available on the page
  • Here, it may ask your date of birth, provide the required and click next
  • Upon providing accurate information, it will take you to password reset page.
  • Simply provide your new password and save

Limitations of Yahoo Sign-in Helper:

You must have the required information if you want to reset your password successfully. Otherwise your account will be locked away forever. Even Yahoo customer support will not be able to help you until you have successfully proven that you are the owner of the account. Yahoo is very curious regarding its user security and the security of their accounts. That is why it has such a strict password recovery policy.

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