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Why is my iCloud not working? 1-888-580-0869 How to fix it?

iCloud is one of the best cloud storage services which are used to store photos, contacts, music and more. Users can access all these data over the multiple devices in a very simple manner. But there are many users complaint technical issues when using the iCloud and one of the most common issues iCloud not working is one among those which is highly faced by the users on a daily basis or often.

There are multiple reasons responsible for this problem and it never means that you can’t fix this problem. In this article, you will be learned about the easy methods to fix this problem.

How to fix iCloud not working on Windows 10?

In case iCloud has stopped responding or working on your Windows 10 computer, then you can follow the below steps to fix iCloud not working on Windows 10 problem in a very simple way:

Method 1# Check your internet connection

Ensure that you have an active internet connection which is must require to access the iCloud. If you are using a Wi-Fi network, then you can switch to another and then check it.

Method 2# Update your iCloud

Using an older iCloud version may also responsible for iCloud not working problem. So make sure that, you are working on an updated iCloud version that can be updated within fewer minutes.

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How to fix iCloud not working on Mac?

Are you using iCloud on your Mac? But suddenly it has stopped working and showing some errors, then follow the below steps to fix iCloud not working on Mac problem in a very effective manner:

Method 1# Log out and login again to iCloud

  • Click on Apple icon and then choose System Preferences.
  • Choose iCloud and then click on Sign Out.
  • Now reboot your Mac and then again sign in to your iCloud account after booting up.

Method 2# Remove iCloud configuration files

  • Go to the Finder and then type /library/applicationsupport/icloud/accounts/
  • Now copy all the files and save them somewhere.
  • After that, empty this folder and then restart your Mac.

If you are still not competent enough to fix iCloud not working problem with these above-mentioned steps, then contact to the customer support team and get the best in class assistance to resolve all kinds of problems related to iCloud.

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