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1-888-580-0869 Email Not Sending and Receiving in Outlook Solution Guide

How to fix not send/receive emails in Outlook?

Just imagine a scenario where you are trying to sending or receiving an email from your important contact on your Outlook but suddenly it has stopped performing any task, then what you would feel? You will really irritate and then look for the ways to fix Outlook not sending or receiving emails problem in order to send or receive your important emails. There are multiple ways to resolve this problem and you have to know about them if you don’t know how to fix this issue in a simple manner.

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails?

If you want to fix Outlook not receiving emails issue, then you can go through the below instructions:

Solution 1: Check your internet connection

Make sure that you have an active internet connection which is must require to receive emails on Outlook because bad internet connectivity causes lots of issues.

Solution 2: Check your Junk and Spam folder

It’s very important to check your Junk Email folder and Spam folder on Outlook because sometimes most of the emails directly go to go to these folders and you forget to check them.

Solution 3: Check for your Inbox storage

Sufficient inbox storage is most important to receive the emails. So you can check your Outlook inbox and clean out to free up for the required space.

How to fix Outlook not sending emails?

You can simply send emails to your favorite contacts on Outlook but if Outlook not sending emails and showing some unexpected error, then you can follow the below steps:

Solution 1: Check your recipient’s email

Make sure that you have entered the correct recipient’s address for that you wish to send an email. You can also check your caps lock and space between the address.

Solution 2: Check your connection

Check your internet connection whether it’s working properly or not because of a poor internet connectivity also cause many problems.

Solution 3: Re-open Outlook

You can close your Outlook and then re-open it again and then try to send an email to your contact.

With these above-mentioned instructions, you can easily fix Outlook not receiving some emails from Gmail issue in a very reliable and instant manner. But if you are not capable of fixing this problem, then contact the customer support team and fix entire problems instantly and easily. 


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