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Safari is not working, how to fix this issue

Can't Able to Open Safari Browser, Fix not Working Problem

Safari is one of the amazing browsers used by the billions of users in every part of the world. The main reason behind the popularity of this browser is its best in class browsing features that make the most suitable choice for use among the users. But sometimes users also confront Apple Safari not working problem whenever they try to use it on any iOS device. There are multiple factors affecting this problem and it’s very important to know about them to resolve this problem.

Why Apple Safari not working?

  • Connectivity issues.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Using an older version.
  • Due to OS glitches.
  • Network errors.

In this article, you will be learned about the multiple ways to resolve Apple Safari not responding problem on multiple iOS devices in a very simple and effective manner.


How to fix Safari not working on Mac?

If Safari showing any unwanted error and has stopped working on your Mac, then you can follow the below steps to fix Safari not working on Mac problem:

Reset Safari

  • Open the Apple Safari on your Mac.
  • Click on Safari icon and then click on Reset Safari.
  • Now check all the boxes and then confirm the action by clicking on the Reset tab.

Restart your Mac

You can also fix multiple problems by restarting your Mac. for this, follow the below steps:

  • click on Apple icon which is available on the top left side of the screen.
  • Click on Restart option to restart your Mac.

How to fix Safari not working on iPhone or iPad?

Have you recently updated your iPhone to latest iOS version? And suddenly Safari has stopped working? Then you can simply fix Safari not working on iPhone with these below steps: 

Update your iPhone

  • Go to the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on General.
  • Tap on Software Update option.
  • Now you can see if there any latest version will be available and then tap on Install tab to update your iPhone.

Reset Network Settings

  • Open the Settings and then tap on General.
  • Scroll down to Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter the passcode and then confirm the action.

In this way, Safari not working on iPad problem can also be fixed in a very effective manner. If you are still not able to fix this problem, then contact to customer service team for better solutions.

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