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How To Setup Yahoo Account on iPhone 1-888-580-0869

Set up a Yahoo Mail account in the iphone iOS Mail

Yahoo also provides high security features that you can use to protect your account. There is no doubt that Yahoo is an incredible platform in which we can perform many operations compared to other email accounts. You experience a problem when you set up your Yahoo email account on your iPhone or iOS and want more information, contact our experts through Yahoo Customer Service number 1-888-580-0869.

Add/Setup a Yahoo Mail account using the iOS iPhone Setting

  • Open the iOS Setting configuration application.
  • Press Accounts and Passwords.
  • Press Add account.
  • Touch Yahoo.
  • Enter your Yahoo email address and password, and then touch Sign in.
  • Optionally disable aspects of Yahoo Mail synchronization.
  • Press Save.

How to Add/Setup Manually a Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone Using IMAP Setting

follow the 8 steps to for add yahoo account in iPhone using IMAP setting

  1. Open the iOS configuration application.
  2. Touch Accounts and passwords (or Email, Contacts, Calendar on older devices).
  3. Press Add account.
  4. Press Other.
  5. Enter your full Yahoo! email address and password, then touch Next.
  6. Enter our IMAP configuration Setting for incoming and outgoing servers Emails.
  7. Enter your Yahoo! email address for the username, then tap Next.
  8. Make sure “Use SSL” is enabled and “Server Port” is 587, then touch Done.

How to Delete a Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone ?

Follow the steps to delete Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone 6 ,7

  • Open the iOS configuration application.
  • Press Accounts and Passwords.
  • Press your Yahoo mail account.
  • Touch Delete account.

Yahoo! Mail App Setting Options for iPhone

You can change the options for this account in the Settings > Accounts and Passwords menu underiOS 11 (Settings > Email > Accounts in iOS 10 and earlier). Tap the arrow on the far right side of the Yahoo account to switch between Yahoo! Mail Access, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes. This is also the screen where you can choose to delete the account from your iOS email application.

Then, on the account name at the top, press the rightmost arrow to see the name and email address associated with the account. You can change the account description or change the outgoing SMTP server settings, although they are usually configured automatically.

You can also access advanced settings to set mailbox behaviors and indicate where to move deleted messages and how often to delete,deleted messages.

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