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How to Fix Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome 1-888-580-0869

[Resolved] Why Google Chrome Not Playing Videos?

As we all know google chrome is one the fastest browser among all of the others. It is a high speed, secure browser and gives a pleasant searching experience. But, At some point, the experience is baffling when you need to watch your selected video or play game on the web. Many of the times it is reported that video not playing in chrome when users want to watch a video or play a game it doesn't stack, falter, is slow or shows dark screen and so forth. Chrome even crashes or stops responding.

Fix Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome

To solve this issue is not a big deal. You can troubleshoot video not loading on chrome problem by using very simple methods-  

  • Update the newest version of google chrome- If you want to watch the video then chrome it is really important for users to update the latest version on a regular basis. To install the upgraded version, follow these simple steps-

                        a.) Go to chrome then click on the three dots which appear on the right upper corner of the screen.

                        b.) secondly, Click on the upgrade google chrome option.

                         c.) Restart the chrome when incited. 

  • Allow Javascript- Check the javascript on google chrome, If it disable then 

               a.) Go to the More menu and select settings> advance option.

                b.) After that, select the Privacy and Security, then select Content Settings.

                c.) Go to the Javascript menu and click on allow. 

  • Remove the Google Chrome Cache- Because you are removing the caches that's why your browser is unable to play the videos. Searching different websites regularly collects cache on the system which stops the browser to play the videos. To clear it-

                 a.) Go to the Privacy and Security from the advance menu of google chrome.

                 b.) Hit on the "clear browsing history option"

                 c.) After that, a small box appears on screen which shows different options. You should again click on the "clear browsing history option" this step will clear all the caches from your system. No need to do any changes in the box. 

Ensure that the Video is Available- A few videos accompany watcher confinements like age entryway, for instance. This implies you have to enter your date of birth to play it.  

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