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How To Fix Invalid ID or Password Message In Yahoo

Incorrect password”, this is a common problem with Yahoo mail account user. The massive Yahoo account hacking became a suspicious email service provider. This was really difficult to protect your Yahoo email account from any unauthorized access. Later, Yahoo introduced some more layer of security for your Yahoo account. This is optional yet, so users who are just using the conventional password for their Yahoo account security are more prone for hacking. This could be with your Yahoo account too.

How To Fix “Invalid ID or Password” Message In Yahoo

Well, there could be different reasons when the Yahoo mail password  is not working and will deny access of your Yahoo account. We are going to share such common incidents when your Yahoo password is not working and tips to fix it.

  • “Account Locked” message

When you try to get access to your Yahoo account, but you get this message. The reason is quite simple, even after using the correct user name and password. Someone else is trying to get unauthorized access of your Yahoo account. Yahoo used to lock such account if there would be numerous of unsuccessful attempts to get in. If you experience this ever, simply wait for 12 hours as your account will be locked for security reason. You can get some help with Yahoo Sign in Helper too.

  • I think someone else is using my account

When you have doubt that someone else is using your Yahoo account, you need to take immediate action. As there is some suspicious activity with your Yahoo account, go and change the password as your current password is not going to work. You can take help from this link https://login.yahoo.com/forgot?


  • “Invalid ID or Password” message

This clearly says that the username or password you are using is not a correct match. When you are sure that the user name or Yahoo ID is correct, you need to change the password immediately for security of your Yahoo account. Simply take help from Yahoo Sign in Helper or use this link https://login.yahoo.com/forgot?

  • I’m using the right password and Yahoo ID, but I still can’t sign in

This is also a very common error when a user is confident with the right password and user ID but unable to get access of Yahoo mail. There might be a problem with your browser. When the browser is not supported or upgraded version, such error occurs. You can check with the latest browser version or different browsers.

These tips will help you to fix the error when a password is not working with your Yahoo mail.


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